We're experienced in helping sellers and home owners in distressed situations. Find out how you can get an ALL CASH offer today.

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Who we are...


P House Investors is a Real Estate investment company, and we're changing the way property owners sell their homes. We pride ourselves on being transparent and fair. 

We do"Investments with Integrity", and we care greatly. Skip the stress and uncertainty of selling your house in the traditional way. Enjoy the convenience of selling your home in "As Is" condition, worry free.

Join our exclusive buyers list for free property listings.  

We also offer many services for the real estate investment community, including business consulting, business marketing and strategies, and hands on support for those who are new to investing. We are not just an invest company, but we are building a support system of investors to connect, grow, and build together across the United States.

We are a P House of Investors! 


Becoming A Part of the Team...

Our team partners get exclusive access to information, resources, support and more. Be a part of a community of investors, get hands on training, and build your network. Team partners also get free business consulting and market strategy ideas.  We're here to help. 


Our Services


We'll buy your house in "As Is" condition, and we'll do it within 45 days or less. Our risk free process will ensure that you get the offer you deserve. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent and going the extra mile. We make sure all of our investments are done with 


Business Services

We offer many services for new and start up  businesses.  Contact your Team Partner today and find out how you can take advantage of our special offer (Team Partners Only). 


  • Business consulting 

  • Business strategies 

  • Web & Graphic Design

  • Business Setup

  • Obtain business credit 

  • Credit repair (outsourced)

  • Insurance (outsourced)

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We're building a community of investors and resources and we stretch across the US. Click

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to become a part of our ever growing community of investors, support teams, resources, and more.


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